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  • Beautiful

    Your recipes are beautifully presented, conveniently always at hand when you need them.

  • Conversions

    Quickly convert between different kitchen measurements - imperial and metric!

  • Share

    Share your recipes with your family and friends, easily - whether you want to send via iMessage, email or even print a copy!

  • Organise

    Organise your recipes into categories, search through them or add them to your favourites list!

  • Import

    Found a great recipe on the Internet? Now you can import it directly into the app!

  • Additional Features

    Attach photos to your recipes so they are easier to find, with additional features such as adding useful notes to your recipes!


Does this app contain recipes?

Recipe Box allows you to add your own recipes and keep them organised and so it does not come with recipes.

How do I import Recipes?

Recipes can be imported by touching the "+" button, then going to import. Browse to the site where you wish to import the recipe from and from there you may highlight the relevant parts and click on the pop-up menu buttons to select for import. Once done, click on the import button!

Is it possible to share my recipes between my devices?

At this moment in time, Recipe Box does not support this. You may send your recipe file to another person using Recipe Box or Recipe Pad by sending the recipe via Mail. When you do this, Recipe Box will automatically attach the recipe file, which when opened, will open Recipe Box and import the sent recipe.

Is it possible to take a photo of a recipe found somewhere and save it in Recipe Box?

You can now save any recipes you find in print or written down by taking a photo of them and save them in the Scrapbook section of Recipe Box. These can be saved in your Recipe Box later or kept in the Scrapbook.